Sunday, March 2, 2014

Last weekend at the boutique!

Hi guys!
So, I know this goes against a kind of universal rule, but I have a confession to make: I love working on weekends! Well, I do when I'm working at Lotta Djossou, which is located in the Marais (4th arrondissement) of Paris! The weekends here are charged with a kind of electric energy, especially when the weather is sunny and beautiful like it was last weekend. On these kinds of days the boutique is flooded with the warm sunlight that shines in and I can smell the falafel being prepared in the restaurants nearby; the streets are busy with people walking, chatting, eating and shopping while the street musicians play their's just a peaceful and happy place to be!
Here are a few pictures of last weekend at the shop and of some of the lovely clients I had the pleasure of meeting!

. . . . . . . . . .

Ciao a tutti!
So che quello che sto per dire va contro ad una specie di regola universale, ma devo comunque confessare una cosa: adoro lavorare nel weekend! Beh, forse non sempre, ma quando sono a Parigi a gestire la boutique Lotta Djossou, trovo che il quartiere in cui si trova, cioè il Marais (nel quarto arrondissement), assume una vivacità particolare nel fine settimana, specialmente quando c'è bel tempo. La boutique viene illuminata dalla luce calda del sole e riesco a sentire il profumo del falafel che viene preparato nei locali vicini. Le strade sono affollate di persone che passeggiano, chiacchierano, mangiano e che fanno shopping...e sullo sfondo si sentono gli strumenti dei musicisti di strada...l'atmosfera è serena e molto piacevole!
Ecco qualche foto del fine settimana scorso e, in particolare, di alcuni dei clienti che ho avuto il piacere di conoscere!

A sunny day at Lotta Djossou!
My workspace in the atelier
My first design of the weekend!
I put it on display in the window...
And a lovely woman named Tina, from Madagascar, spotted it and bought it!
Juliette and Nicolas also came into the boutique in search of something 
special and they found this beautiful feather ring...
Here are Peter Kowalczyk (Seattle, U.S.A.) and Davy Lyons (Ireland) performing in Rue des Rosiers, which is right by the boutique...
Photo by Egidio Iorio
Falafel is the perfect Sunday lunch!
Angelina and Mahpee, from Hong Kong, chose these pretty earrings
as a gift for Angelina's sister!
Rachel picked out these beautiful green earrings...the color is stunning on her!
This was my second design of the weekend...
Here I am wearing it in the boutique!
Deborah and Olivia look happy and fabulous in the bracelets they chose!
It was such a please to meet Armande!
She chose these earrings and they look gorgeous on her!
Floriane and Luisa had fun selecting their new accessories!
It was a really great weekend!!! Thank you to all of our wonderful clients!

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